Moocha Kombucha has landed in Belfast City Airport ✈️

We are delighted to launch Northern Ireland’s first Moocha Kombucha vending machine, located in the Belfast City Airport's departure lounge.


Bronagh Quail of Moocha Kombucha at Belfast City Airport

We teamed up with Castle Vending, who have been suppling and servicing vending machines across the Island of Ireland and UK for over 26 years. 

Bronagh Quail of Moocha Kombucha and Michael from Castle Vending at Belfast City Airport
"We are proud to be able to support a local business like Moocha Kombucha plus you get a new healthy drink option to choose from while you wait for your flights," said David Stewart, Sales Manager at Castle Vending.
Moocha Kombucha Vending Machine

The vending machine has all our FIVE flavours. 

Now passengers can enjoy a cold can of Moocha Kombucha before they jet off around the world. 

It's so exciting to see our range of kombucha at Belfast City Airport.

Head of Commercial, Michael Jackson has been such a big fan of our drinks since meeting us at the Balmoral show and he's been championing us ever since.

It's been great that we can now get more access and reach people who may have never had kombucha before.

Find out what the reaction was in the airport at the launch by heading to our Instagram page here

You can find Moocha Kombucha's vending machine at the side of The Artisan restaurant in the departures lounge at Belfast City Airport. 


Moocha Kombucha Cans, Belfast City Airport



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