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Mix & Match: Build your own bundle

Mix & Match: Build your own bundle

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Mix & Match: Choose a total of 12 bottles from a choice of Original, Lemon & Ginger,  Aronia Berry & Strawberry.

Can't decided which flavour you like to try then why not build your own bundle and choose a total of 12 bottles from a range of flavours!  Our Kombucha drinks are brewed in small batches. A healthy tasty drink made by naturally fermenting organic tea & a live culture. We hand make our kombucha from start to finish in small batches the authentic way. All natural, organic, slowly brewed and bottled direct from our scobys. 

All of our products are gluten free, vegan and organic. 

*Bundle discount can only be applied when 12 bottles are selected. Mix and match your favourite flavours or choose 12 of one flavour - enjoy Kombucha your way!

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