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Peach & Turmeric Flavour Organic Kombucha

Peach & Turmeric Flavour Organic Kombucha

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Experience the perfect symphony of flavours with our Organic Certified Peach & Turmeric Kombucha - a unique fusion of peachy sweetness and turmeric's subtle spiciness in every sip. Infused with a blend of hand-selected floral herbs, including Passion Flower, Rosehip, Ginseng, and Hibiscus, this kombucha offers a refreshing flavour with the added benefit of 3 billion live cultures in every can. Enjoy the refreshing burst of Peach & Turmeric Kombucha on its own or poured over a glass of cool ice for a healthy and invigorating iced tea. 

As part of our commitment to wellness, all of our products are organic, vegan and gluten free to cater to a conscious lifestyle, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of our kombucha. Brewed the traditional way with time, love, and passion, our kombucha embraces the richness of organic ingredients. 

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