Our Kombucha is a 100% Natural and made from organic green and black tea. It has been consumed for thousands of years and has wonderfully beneficial probiotics and antioxidants. Every bottle is packed full of goodness and gluten free & vegan friendly.

Our gut has around 25 feet of intestines! And our intestines have a microbiome – a community of microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi and viruses). Our microbiome plays a really important role in our health. It helps control digestion and benefits our immune system and many aspects of our health.

So what does the gut do?

Our gut is our largest sensory organ, with a surface area 40 times that of our skin! One of the central functions is to gather information for the brain, communicating that we’re getting enough nutrients, how our immune cells are functioning and what our hormones are up to.

What is a healthy gut?

For a healthy gut, we need a balance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ microbes in our intestines. An imbalance can contribute to several health concerns.

Glucuronic acid supports the liver’s detoxing duties and increases the activity of antioxidants to support a healthy immune system. Gluconic acid supports the growth of ‘good’ gut bacteria.

So, kombucha has a collection of awesome acids to support the good bacteria in our gut. The more we support these good guys, the happier our gut.


Having a healthy gut means having enough good bacteria, along with a scattering of ‘bad’ bacteria.  In other words, rather than trying to eliminate the bad, the way to achieve gut health is to faithfully tend the good.

Probiotic-rich foods like kombucha are your best friend when trying help maintain a healthy balanced gut.  Kombucha contains acetic, glucuronic and gluconic acids. Acetic acid is an ‘anti-bug agent’ with antibacterial effects.